Williams Creek & Meridian Hills Safety Meeting



Public Safety Meeting
Thursday, June 23rd, 7pm
Father Courtney Room
St. Luke Catholic Church
7575 Holliday Drive East.

Since May 1st, there have been nine residential burglaries on the north side of Indianapolis, including four in the Town of Meridian Hills and one in the Town of Williams Creek. The most recent occurred on Pennsylvania Street, just north of 75th, on Sunday morning around 3:30am.
IMPD and the Williams Creek Police and the Meridian Hills Police are working together to gather additional information about the incidents, track the stolen items, and find the perpetrators.

Town Council Members and Police from IMPD, Meridian Hills, and Williams Creek will be present at the meeting, including:

  • Al Kasper – Williams Creek Town Marshal
  • Sgt. Matt Grimes – Meridian Hills Deputy Marshal, IMPD Sergeant
  • Rick Batza – Meridian Hills Chief Deputy
  • Detective Andre Bell – IMPD North District

Updates on the burglaries will be discussed, as well as steps the police are taking to respond, including intensifying patrols, and adjusting shifts. These are ongoing investigations that will take time.

Although our police patrols serve as a deterrent, engaged residents that are pro-active about reporting suspicious behavior, and reducing their own opportunity for crime are the best deterrent…

  • Call 9-1-1 to report ANY suspicious vehicles or activity when it’s happening. Some are reluctant because they think the behavior is not significant enough to warrant a call. Trust your instinct and call immediately! Reports of suspicious vehicles or people can PREVENT crime and help catch a criminal. It’s better to have the police arrive to investigate suspicious behavior while it’s happening than have them arrive after an incident has occurred to take a report.
  • If going out of town, leave lights on at night, cancel paper and mail, ask your neighbor to keep an eye on your house, and call the Williams Creek Police at 253-5678 to submit a Vacation Notification.
  • If you have an alarm, activate it when you’re away from your house and when you’re sleeping.
  • Keep your car, shed, garage, service doors and house locked.
  • Don’t leave keys, garage door openers, or valuables in your car.
  • Call the non-emergency police number at 253-5678 to report an incident after it happens. It’s important to report EVERY incident so the police can study patterns and adjust their patrols.

The Town of Williams Creek continues to be a great place to live and is one of the safest communities in Indianapolis. We have extremely talented and professional police with outstanding experience and training, who want to protect and serve the residents of Williams Creek. Please join us so we may all work together.