White River Encampment

Last Friday night, there was a fire that required IFD deployment in the encampment that has been established in the past few weeks along the White River near The Reserve condos.

It is unclear if some, all, or none of the individuals setting up tents and occupying the land are homeless. They are not there for large periods of time (even overnight) but have told residents that they are indeed homeless. There has been illegal drug use and paraphernalia reported in the encampment as well.

The IPMD homeless unit will make contact with these individuals this week to assess the situation and see what services are needed. The Department of Business and Neighborhood Services is planning a clean-up next week to address the debris.

IMPD has also indicated that they will be increasing patrols in that area, focusing on enforcement of illicit drug use and possession. The questions of who owns those exact parcels of land (and where the river property starts and ends) will determine if there will also be enforcement of trespassing through warnings, arrests and signage.

Stay tuned for more updates.