We did it! You did it!

We did it! Wunnamedords are simply inadequate to express my gratitude.

Jeff Bowman – Thank you for endless patience and support in dealing with the all-around crazy proposition of 9+ months of a campaign. Neither of us really knew what it would take, and you kept me grounded, optimistic, and centered. I love you.

Rosemary Fanning – Mom, many think you are the true MVP! I agree! I’m so honored your tireless efforts. You continually stepped out of your comfort zone… so much that it was actually more like dancing. Everyone should be so lucky as to have a supermom like you!

Ryne Fanning – Even in the busiest year of your life, you came through like a champ (or as dad would say, like a Fanning)! Thanks for always being a fan.

Blaire Fanning – I had no idea that anyone could support an Indy race this much from Tampa. But then again, you are extraordinary! I’m blessed to call you my sister.

Steve Walker – Having you on my team was such a privilege. I’ll always be your fan! I’m looking forward to getting some good advice from you over some good wine soon.

Melissa Thompson & Luke Bosso – Thank you for convincing me to dive head-first into choppy and uncertain waters, and then leading me safely to shore. It’s been an impossibly colorful journey, and I am happy you were by my side. Thank you for talking me off the ledge, telling it like it is, expecting more from me, and being a great advocate. Most of all, thanks for your ceaseless faith.

Bill Osterle – I can’t say how proud I am of your support. You are a thought-leader for a new generation of leadership, and I am humbled that you believe I can be part of the process. I am a FAN! Bring on the “bad” press. (haha)

Adam Novatney – Thanks for doing the hard and boring stuff with me and keeping me laughing in the face of challenge.

Molly Butters Hale, Brent Ellis, Alan Leerkamp, Missy Logie – More then anyone else, you four outstanding friends were willing to put your names (and faces!) out to the world in support of our campaign. That takes guts, and you have my gratitude and respect. You are all unspeakably beautiful!

Carrollton Avenue neighbors – Your support has been continually overwhelming and just plain bad-ass. Let’s not forget that you are MOST of the reason I want to work for our district; our neighborhood is worth fighting for!

Mack Family/Moe & Johnny’s, Brad Rateike/Lawren Mills, Doug Braly, Gene Zink, Craig Huse/Harry & Izzy’s, Steve Walker, Murray Clark, Chris Szymanczyk/Sangrita, Dan Jarman/Fat Dan’s, John Pantzer, John Hill/Broad Ripple Brew Pub, Chad Mills Band, Just Pop-in – It says a lot about you that you care enough about our city to support a local campaign. As a fellow small business owner, I salute your commitment to progress and action, and I look forward to being your advocate!

Mayor Ballard – Thanks for putting your reputation on the line to give our campaign a boost. I am proud to be a supporter and a student. I wish everyone knew how funny you are!

Congresswoman Susan Brooks – You have been an inspiration to this political neophyte since the day we first met over cake and iced tea. I’m thankful for your support, verve, and mentorship throughout this process. Strong women leaders matter, thank you for stepping up and encouraging me to do the same!

Jen Bagi, Alexis, Cameron Glaze, Kacey Shriner, and all of the GOP interns – You all have amazed me from day one! I can never express how much I admire your work ethic, commitment, and faith in our campaign. Politics is  beyond lucky to have you, and know you will all go wonderful places in your lives. I’ll be watching you! You’ve got a fan in me.

Kyle, Bryce, Jen, MCRCC Team – I am still shocked by the level of fierce commitment you demonstrated for the last 9+ months (and long before that for other candidates). You were exceeding patient with me, and I appreciate your guidance. I mostly thank you for allowing me to be who I am and represent our district in the way I knew was right. Thank you!

Jefferson Shreve – More than any other elected official, you demonstrated that ethics, integrity and civil discourse can be a significant part of government representation. I cannot wait to support you in your next adventure and I look forward to learning more from you regularly (and hanging out with your cool wife!).

The Republican Councilors, especially Will, Michael, Aaron, Ben, Jack, Jeff, Ginny, Marilyn – Thanks for making me feel like part of the team from the get-go, showing me the ropes, listening to my voice like it mattered on day one (pretty sure it didn’t yet!), and being serious advocates for this campaign despite some philosophical differences. I look forward to serving with those of you who will continue and being a part of this team.

Alyssa Boschert, Carrie Logie, Kimberly Earlewine, Julie Mahomed, Kate Carstedt – I’m proud to have you as my tribe. Your loyalty and support was unyielding and inspirational! Thanks for letting me vent. I talked entirely too much about my life for the last 9 months. It’s YOUR turn now!

The SpeakYourStory.org crew (Teal & Katie) – Your incredibly powerful support of this campaign simply bowled me over! I have never felt so embraced by a community of strong women. Thank you for putting traditional partisanship aside and letting me add my voice to your chorus. I’m a FAN!

My non-traditional and non-Republican supporters – Thank you for wearing shirts (especially the “Democrats for Fanning” shirts), being brave, crossing party lines, and caring enough to support an unconventional candidate. Together, we can make politics less of a dirty word.

The Grey Market Wine family – Only a handful of you were in District 2, but your presence was vast in this campaign. Phone calls to friends, attending fundraisers, wearing green t-shirts all over God’s green acre, and being the best fans anyone could ask for are just a few of the ways you moved the needle. Oh, and you were extremely understanding when customer service wasn’t quite what it should be. I’ll make it up to you soon!

Brewpub friends – You were the first group whose immediate enthusiasm convinced me that maybe (just maybe) I could win. Your bipartisan and loud support of this campaign kept me going even when the odds were not in my favor. Thank you for being such an integral and spirited part of the neighborhood that Jeff and I love so dearly. We’ll be in soon for a pint!

So many others made this happen (Lauren DeFino, you came from NYC for a girls weekend and ended up campaigning the whole time!). This list could be endless. I look forward to thanking you each in person soon. Onward!