2016 IFD Redeployment Plan

2016 IFD Redeployment Plan

This is not an ordinance or proposal that the City Council votes on. I cannot vote either for or against this plan; it is entirely up to IFD to use the budget that was approved by the prior Council last year as they see fit and with the Mayor’s oversight. My role has been connecting Chief Malone with the neighborhoods.

I continue to send your concerns to the Mayor and IFD, though I encourage you to continue this process directly to Mayor Hogsett and IFD Chief Malone. To the best of my knowledge, they are meeting in the next week or two; I expect there will be a more definitive announcement to follow.

NOTE: I was not consulted whatsoever during the planning process; and I have no further knowledge that the plan that was presented.

Levy Flood Wall Project

To the best of my knowledge there is no plan to interrupt the Westfield Alignment plan from proceeding. Talks between the city and Rocky Ripple leadership about secondary solutions (outside of the current project specifications) continue. I am participating with Councilor Simpson to help our Rocky Ripple neighbors find a suitable resolution.

The Red Line – Phase I

Phase I (from 67th and College Ave south to U. Indy) is slated to start spring of 2017. While the federal transportation budget has not officially been approved by Congress, it is highly unlikely that this project will be cut from the funding. I have since learned that even if the budget is modified to adversely affect the funding of this project, the project can still move forward through incremental federal funding. This is a fairly simplistic summary of a very complicated process. The most recent project updates can be found here in the last MCTP board meeting’s minutes.

BRT – Phase II 

The expansion of the BRT system (and IndyGo routes and service in general) will most likely be a referendum on the November 2016 ballot. The referendum would allow everyone a voice in how we upgrade our transit system.

Obviously this is an important topic, and there are vocal people on both sides of this issue. While I am a proponent of efficient and effective transit initiatives as way to help Indianapolis reach it’s true potential, I want to know what you think.

To this end, I am co-sponsoring Proposal 145, which authorizes a referendum on the November 2016 ballot on new funding for public transportation in Marion County (a .25% tax increase).

Here is more information:

BRT and the proposed IndyGoForward Plan. 

I appreciated these thoughts from Brian Sullivan in the recent IBJ. We don’t agree often, but we agree here.

Regarding the widely cited Randall O’Toole study, I echo many of the thoughts in the following link. Though cited as objective research from an independent expert, that is simply not the case. The CATO institute, where O’Toole is a fellow, has just as much of an angle as any other Washington lobbying firm. (As with most political organizations, I agree with some of what they do but not all.) There is typically legitimate information and data to support most any perspective, but beware when it is erroneous. I thought this column was particularly on point.

Infrastructure Maintenance and Improvements

If you have emailed me a road improvement, a road/curb/sidewalk repair request, or a new infrastructure request, I have received it and it is in queue for costing and prioritization. I am in continuous discussion with DPW, and there will not be a definitive list of 2016 improvements for awhile, as we are still evaluating requests.

In the next 2 weeks, I will be driving the entire district with Steve Hardiman and a DPW engineer to get on the same page about what is crucially in need of repair ASAP. Trust me, there are so many urgent infrastructure needs that I will continue to

AT & T Site (South of Kessler, just West of College Ave.)

I will confirm this as soon as I can, apparently the parcel was sold for $1.9M. To whom and the status of the sale or closing is still unconfirmed.