Stop Raising Mosquitoes!

With the rain and heat we have had lately mosquitoes will be breeding and becoming a nuisance as we try to enjoy outdoor activities. Attached to this post is the brochure that is being put out this year by the Marion County Health Department about mosquitoes – how to help stop them from breeding, facts about this insect, and diseases they can carry. It also lists the Mosquito Control Phone Number, which is 317-221-7440. You may call this number to report a problem area from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. They will come out and spray in the evening when mosquitoes are active to help control the pests.

Please look over the ways to stop mosquitoes from breeding. Pay attention to your pet’s water bowl, especially the self watering type that may not often be changed. Completely change the water; do not just add fresh water to the old. Also look at the saucers under your flower pots as they can hold water and become a breeding area.

Hope this information is helpful as we spend more time outside. Please pass this information on to others in our district and throughout Marion County. Please call 317-221-7440 to report an area that needs to be sprayed.

Mosquitoes Brochure – Outside

Mosquitoes Brochure – Inside