PROP 145: Indy Transit Referendum (Phase II)

I am co-sponsoring Prop 145, authorizing a referendum on the November 2016 ballot on new funding for public transportation in Marion County. I will continue to assess the transit plan, while getting feedback from residents and businesses about their perspectives.

Regardless of our individual views of Marion County transit, I support a referendum that will give everyone a chance to voice their support or rejection of a tax increase for improving our transit system. As the most heavily taxed county in Indiana, I take any tax increase in Marion County seriously and the benefits must outweigh the costs. For an expanded mass transit system in Indianapolis to make sense, I must believe it will:

– generate economic growth and neighborhood developments;
– raise job stability and property values;
– improve access for the disabled and disadvantaged; and,
– increase citizen participation in cultural and community events.

While I hear–often frequently–from the vocal proponents and opponents of the plan, I look forward to everyone having a voice in the matter, as it is a very big decision for our city. I firmly believe every voter should voice their opinion on this matter and help decide the direction of Indianapolis.