Potholes: Help is On the Way!

We are all feeling the pain of the condition of our roads in Indy as we contend with the onslaught of potholes that are plaguing every Council District as a result of fluctuating warm and freezing temperatures leading to more than 5,000 pothole service requests. The good news is: DPW crews are battling in every Council District to fill and repair as many potholes as possible to help ensure the safety of Indy residents and commuters.

DPW has once again negotiated with asphalt plants to make hot-mix asphalt available beginning Monday, February 26 as they will once again concentrate our efforts in an all-out “Hot-mix Pothole Blitz” throughout the entirety of next week. Typically, hot-mix is not available to DPW in the winter months requiring that they use a cold-mix alternative that does not adhere as well. Hot-mix material results in much more lasting repairs when used to fix potholes. DPW will facilitate a full call-out of crews in addition to a team of contractors to help in getting a handle on the current barrage of chuckholes that have formed across the county as a result of weather conditions.

It is extremely important that potholes are reported via the RequestIndy app, the Request Indy website or to the Mayor’s Action Center (MAC) at 317-327-4622.

As efforts will be concentrated in the most needed areas via reports to the MAC and RequestIndy, this is the is BEST WAY to ensure that repair needs in each Council District are appropriately addressed. Please be aware, pothole requests made via email to DPW or to any City County Councillor, Neighborhood Advocate, etc are not entered into the system. So, in this blitz effort, they will NOT be prioritized in the same way as those reported to the MAC. To ensure efficiency in appropriate routing and planning, please report problem areas to the Mayor’s Action Center.

We have an enormous infrastructure deficit in Indianapolis and Marion County totaling almost three million dollars.  Feedback to the MAC/Request Indy will help determine which repairs to address first.