Personal + campaign update

Many of you know that my husband is struggling with some heart issues currently. While I’ve had to take a step back from campaigning, I’ll continue to prioritize working with the administration to pass a great budget, helping constituents resolve challenges, and moving good projects forward. I am honored with these responsibilities and take them very seriously.

Thanks for your patience and support at this time. Jeff and I are extremely fortunate to have wonderful people in our corner (thank you family, friends, neighbors and colleagues for being our life lines!). This is a good reminder that we never know the private battles someone may be fighting. Let civility and benevolence rule the day.

PS – Significant others of elected officials (even of part-time City Councillors) don’t get nearly enough credit for what they do for us. Jeff has always preferred to stay in the background, and he has been an incredible support to me during my first four years on the Council. He didn’t chose this, but he’s made it possible for me to to make the choice to serve others at this stage of life. I’m grateful.

This is Jeff and I with our good family friend, Torrey, on her birthday Sept 14.
The post needed a silly photo to lighten the mood.