Milhaus Development – My Response

The hearing for this is today at the CCB at 1pm. This is my response to all who have reached out:

Thank you for your continued involvement in such an important neighborhood matter. I have been tracking the progress of the proposed AT&T site project, as well as neighborhood concerns and I thank you for keeping me updated and sharing your views.

I do think this project is much-improved from the both previous TWG proposals, and that the dialogue that Milhaus has had with the neighborhood, particularly those most concerned, has been thoughtful and responsive. There continue to be valid, relevant, informed voices on both sides of this issue. With the support of MKNA, MEC, and the city staff’s recommendation, I have been asked to come out and support the project officially today. Out of respect for the disparate opinions surrounding this site, and many residents who have reached out to me on both sides, I feel the only responsible choice is to remain neutral. I will continue to monitor the process.
I encourage everyone to understand the process and the role they can play in remonstration if they so choose. Here are a few links to further information.