Indy North Levee Project – Updates

STATUS: All systems go. No interruptions in sight.

TREES: Surveyors are currently staking trees for removal in areas 3A and 3C today and tomorrow. We expect the cutting to begin by 2/20 and continue for about two weeks. The Friends of the White River did a walk through with the USACE and together many adjustments to the tree removal plan were made (a significant amount of trees were saved, though we don’t have an exact count).

TIMELINE: The USCOE is bidding the remainder of the project in March. Construction will begin 90 days after a bid is accepted. That means construction will start this summer, continue through the year and will wrap up in either late 2018 or early 2019.

FEMA: DPW has already engaged the USACE Project Manager, Michael Moore, in starting the process to engage FEMA in the flood map revision. This is a very detailed and arduous process that could take up to 12 months, but we are hopeful that getting an early start will propel things along much more quickly. The FEMA certification of the flood map changes that the Levee Project will bring about is what will negate the need for flood insurance for those in the affected areas of Warfleigh, Meridian-Kessler and Butler-Tarkington.

ROCKY RIPPLE: Engineering firm AECOM was hired by DPW to do an independent review of the USACE’s plan with regard to Rocky Ripple. The final report is due in two weeks (I will post the summary and a link to the full report here). From there, we can definitively assess the needs of Rocky Ripple and the current state of their wall. Then we can start working together to find the most sensible solution for our Rocky Ripple neighbors, while continuing the progress of the Indy North Levee Project.