Indy Eleven Park; Broad Ripple?

Here is my response to The IndyStar article this morning.

This is an exciting time for my entire district. We have an opportunity to do something very special with the redevelopment of Broad Ripple High School, which will impact the immediate and surrounding communities for decades to come. As I’ve said since this process began, the community’s voice should be heard, and IPS should work to move as quickly as possible to decide the property’s future. Long-term vacancy benefits no one. 

As the District 2 representative for City-County Council, my job is to facilitate, convene, coordinate and ultimately drive action. Community awareness and discussion must be part of any process to redevelop BRHS, and if the idea progresses, I will work to ensure the community is involved. In the meantime, I will continue to reference interested parties to IPS in the hope they will proceed with greater urgency.

The Broad Ripple Village Association’s statement can be read here.