IBJ: 11 Things To Know About Transit

The Indianapolis Business Journal just published a helpful piece about the Red Line and Marion County Transit Plan in general. FOr the full text, click the link at the end of the excerpt.

IndyGo is revving the engines on its much-anticipated Red Line, with the bidding process under way and construction set to begin in January on the first 13.1 miles of the bus rapid-transit line.

On Aug. 31, the Indianapolis Public Transit Corp.’s board—the entity that runs IndyGo—began soliciting bids for construction of both the bus line and the 28 stations along the route. The bid submission deadline is Nov. 13 and the board plans to award bids at its Dec. 7 meeting, with the expectation that construction will begin the following month.

You likely already know the Red Line is the first of three bus rapid-transit lines designed to offer more frequent service along heavily traveled routes. And that the broad Marion County Transit Plan calls for the Red Line to be followed by a Purple Line and a Blue Line.

But chances are you don’t know all the details about the Red Line, let alone the other parts of the plan.

This list should help you get up to speed:

1. The cones are coming.

Though IndyGo should break ground on the Red Line in four months, the exact construction schedule isn’t yet known. Contractors will submit proposed schedules as part of their bid…  READ MORE HERE