Broad Ripple Park Family Center FAQ


The Bid Selection Review Committee chose this proposal, submitted by BR Health Holdings, LLC. Click the link above for all of the details about the partnership, the proposal, etc.

The Metropolitan Development Commission subsequently passed this Proposal (linked below) last month. This proposal authorizes the Department of Metropolitan Development to negotiate a contract with BR Health Holdings, LLC on behalf of the Department of Parks and Recreation. This contract will then come to the City Council for final approval.


This post is in response to the numerous questions I’ve fielded recently regarding the Broad Ripple Park Family Center. These answers should address the wide range of inquiries that have made it to me. Happy reading! Please use the attached links below for your convenience.


Broad Ripple Park Request For Proposals

Broad Ripple Park Master Plan

Broad Ripple Park Plan Highlights

MDC Proposal 2019-R-020 (passed 7-1) 

Selected Proposal (BR Health Holdings LLC)

Q: What’s happening at Broad Ripple Park?

A: The parcel that currently houses the Family Center and its parking lot is being redeveloped via a public-private partnership. The Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development is managing the process and recently issued a Request for Proposals (attached in the link above). Potential development partners are currently being evaluated, and a final decision is expected in the near future.  

Q: Why would we sell land or privatize our park?

A: The land is not being sold. The land will always remain owned by the City and retain its current PK-1 (Primary Parks) zoning classification.

Q: Who will build and own the family center?

While the City will continue to own the land, it will enter into a long-term ground lease with a selected development team.  That development team would then construct the new Broad Ripple Park Family Center.

Q: Will the facility always be owned by the selected development team?

No, the City intends to acquire the building in 3-5 years.  At that time, the ground lease would cease to exist with the selected development team, and the City would own any structures and assume all leases with existing tenants (i.e., health care partner).

Q: Who would lease the space in the Broad Ripple Family Center?

Once constructed, the development team will lease a portion to Indy Parks for parks programming and activation.  The remaining space will be leased to an ancillary, subordinate health care partner. The health care partner would only run any non-park/public recreation services, such as wellness or healthcare services.

Q: Who is choosing the developer? What’s the timeline?

    • The City of Indianapolis has convened a selection committee comprised of staff from Indy Parks, Department of Metropolitan Development (DMD), and Mayor’s Office staff, as well as community leadership/stakeholders.
    • A recommendation will be made by the Selection Committee to either accept a bid or not accept any bids. This is based on a scoring document that scores each bid based on the same criteria. (SELECTION MADE, SEE UPDATE ABOVE)
    • In February 2018, Indy Parks released a Request for Information (RFI) to request ideas and information for the conceptual design, development and construction, and financing of a new family center and health care facility in one of the city’s current parks that has an existing family center.
    • In January 2019, a Request for Proposal (RFP) was released to develop a new family center (on the same site as the existing building) to incorporate both recreation and health activities (not a hospital) within Broad Ripple Park as outlined in the Broad Ripple Park Master Plan.
  • Three RFP proposals were received in February, and a bid selection committee will recommend one preferred proposal to the Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC) during its upcoming April 3rd meeting. The bid selection committee’s decision and the bids will be published as soon as the determination has been made. Following a final decision, DMD will seek approval to negotiate a deal on behalf of Indy Parks. (SEE UPDATE ABOVE)

Q: What other parts of the park will be sold, built on or privatized?

A: None. This project is specific to this parcel, and the intention for this was included in the Master Plan. The Master Plan includes no other such projects.  

Q: How can I get involved?

A: We want to hear your voice and thoughts on what the new facility should (and shouldn’t) include, how it functions and more. You can contact Indy Parks at (317) 327-7275 or email