Crime at The Reserve (Monon Trail and 66th)


After speaking with IMPD North District Commander Bailey, these are the current facts:

There were 2 incidents on the night of the December 8th, when both residences were vacant and items were stolen. There was a third on December 20th, when the residence was also vacant and more property was stolen. No one was injured. The 3 crimes seem to be related and committed by the same perpetrator or group of perpetrators. There is no suspect yet, and the investigation is ongoing. I will post updates as I receive them.

While some crime is inevitable, this is most unusual, and I assure you I will do everything I can to communicate with IMPD and see what they have learned.

What can you do? As many of you may know, I host a series of personal self-defense workshops each year In conjunction with IMPD and the Marion County Prosecutor’s office. Topics include Monon Trail safety (in the spring) and Home Invasion Prevention (late summer/fall). Stay tuned for details for these and other pertinent events here, on my Council FB page, and Twitter & Instagram (@fanningindy) so you can stay informed.
Public safety is always my main priority, and it is up to all of us to work together to prevent crime in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities. While our police force generally does a great job, the police and fire departments are largely and implicitly reactive. Thus, it is my goal to do everything I can to empower and support the efforts of everyone from individual residents and business owners to our police officers and community groups. We are our own line of defense, and there are many things we can do to minimize our odds of being involved in a crime.
If you have any more information, please call the IMPD non-emergnecy line at (317) 327-3811 .