38th and Shine

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Aug 27th 2016: Break a World Record, Hold a Sparkler, Meet a Neighbor, Win a Gift Card!

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Participant: As participant in the effort to break the world record for most sparklers lit simultaneously your responsibility will be to hold your sparkler up high. Once you have entered the designated Lighting Area a Lighting Captain will assist you in lighting your sparkler in coordination with everyone else. Participants need to either be adults or, if 9-18 years old, accompanied by an adult.

Lighting Captain: All Lighting Captains are participants who take on the responsibility of helping others light their sparklers. As a Lighting Captain you will be given a sparkler kit and be placed in a unit with 3 others to coordinate the lighting of their sparklers in addition to your own. You will be expected to attend a short training session during the week prior to the lighting event. Lighting Captains can be 14 years or older but if under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.