2016 Infrastructure Improvement List

District 2 projects currently underway and/or slated for 2016 completion:Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 1.59.03 PM

I have been warned that delays are possible, but currently there is nothing behind schedule. Other requests I have received have gone onto my list for 2017 improvements. Almost everything has been priced by DPW, but when everything has been priced, I will release that list as well.
After lots of back and forth with DPW figuring out how the district map changes affected the budgets and projects, there wan’t any room to add additional projects to the list submitted by Will Gooden (and the other former Councilors who occupied parts of our current district, hence the confusion).
As far as critical maintenance (patch work and pot holes and1-2 pad sidewalk repair), please continue to use the Mayor’s Action Center, and encourage your residents to do the same. The more a particular request is logged, the more attention it is paid.
Thank you for your patience as I work through this process for the first time. I hope to touch base with each of you soon.