2016 FEMA Flood Maps

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 3.38.18 PMDue to delays from the Indiana DNR, the Council is being asked to introduce and approve FEMA’s new flood maps and regulations at the next full Council meeting on April 11. This is an up or down vote on FEMA’s new maps and regulations. As required by our code, they were approved by the MDC Mar 16.

The FEMA flood map and regulations proposal will be presented at the Metropolitan and Economic Development Committee meeting at 5:30 pm on April 4.

Here is some helpful general information about these maps and regulations:

·         FEMA flood maps determine whether a structure is in a flood control district and thus influence whether or not property owners must have flood insurance.

·         These FEMA revisions affect 7,167 properties throughout the county near waterways: 4,256 removed from a flood district; 2,911 newly in a flood district.

·         In 2014, every property owner affected by the map revisions received a notice from the Indiana DNR explaining the effect and inviting the property owner to several open houses conducted by DNR and DCE throughout Marion County on the subject.

·         A draft of the maps have been available to the public for nearly 2 years (even though we didn’t get finally approved maps from DNR until February, 22).

·         DCE, ISA, and DPW staff are working on pushing a GIS mapping project to a computer in the Council office that will show Councillors affected properties. They are also working on individual Council district maps, as well as a spreadsheet of affected parcels by Council district.

·         According to FEMA, the consequence of not passing these maps by April 19, 2016 is that FEMA will suspend its flood insurance program and will refuse to execute any new flood insurance policies until the Council adopts the proposal. Presumably, this will disrupt and/or prohibit numerous residential home sales and closings in the interim.